Stuttgart Craft Beer Festival

April 14, 2019

This started as a lazy Sunday, and surprisingly cold for the middle of April. But after finishing the movie we’d started the night before, Edin and I decided to check out a Craft Beer Festival. It was only two train stops north of the city, and Monica met us on the train at Schlossplatz.

When we go there, Edin realized he’d been there before and told us a little bit about the area. The ‘festival’ itself was in a former train station, Nordbahnhof, which had been used for deporting Jews during WWII. He told us there was some discussion as to whether the city would refurbish the station to look like it used to as a memorial, or if that was disrespectful. Outside the station was an area that looked like some kind of industrial storage (or maybe a dump) but turned out to be an artists’ colony.

The beer festival was fine, but not what I expected. In the US a “Craft Beer Festival” usually means a number of craft brewers each have a booth, there may be beer sampling, and there are a variety of food vendors as well. This one was put on by a single brewery (although the beer was very good). There were a few food choices, and a band, and… that’s pretty much it. So we drank some beer, ate a pretzel, and listened to some music until it closed.

On the walk back to the U Bahn, we decided to go through the cemetery because it looked like a prettier walk. Sure, there was a fence, but after a mere 5 or 6 tries I made it over. (Edin the show off pretty much walked over it.) But at least I didn’t fall on my butt on the other side…

That really should be the end of the post, but I might as well finish the day. Since we weren’t able to get one more beer at the ‘festival’, we went downtown to a beer garden and also ordered some burgers. (The fact that I tried to order 3 burgers and only got 2 is a story for a post about the German language…) I’ll wrap this up with some random shots on the Schlossplatz, including a chalk artist we saw before we headed home.

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