I made it!

I did it!  Sure, I moved to Germany on my own, but I mean I finally started my blog! 

I want to document my adventures in Germany while they are fresh in my mind, and I am already bursting with ideas for blog topics (let’s just hope I find the time and energy to write them).  Basically, this is going to serve as my online diary, but one I will share with family and friends who are interested in hearing about my travels and comments on life in Germany.  I might record trivial things, but when I’ve lived here a few years and I’m jaded to the cultural differences, I want to look back and think, “Ha!  Remember when I didn’t know how to turn down the temperature in my room?” 

As you can see in the title, my plan is to travel throughout Europe while I’m here, but I will start with my arrival in Stuttgart and exploring the surrounding area.  Let’s begin!

Categories: Life in Germany

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