Rothenburg ob der Tauber

I spent the past weekend in a gorgeous traditional German town, Rothenburg.  I was invited to join my friend Natalie who met her brother and his boyfriend there.  I’d heard great things about this town, and I was not disappointed.  It was a medieval city which still has the surrounding wall.   Because I’m so far behind on my posts, this will be mostly my pictures, but you can read more about the history of the town here:

Natalie and I parked just outside the town wall and walked inside.  We hadn’t even specified where we would meet Wil and Jeremy, but no worries, I hadn’t gone far when I heard, “Diane!”  Seriously?  That’s how small the town center is.  Here are a few pictures of my introduction to the town:

The town or area was apparently famous for a dessert called Schneeball, or Snowballs.  They looked absolutely delicious, and we had to try them.  Sadly, they were not as delicious as they looked – they were quite dry and tasted like pie crust.

After lunch and our schneeballs, it was raining so we went to the Torture Museum (official name was the Criminal Museum).  The best part was the exhibit on witches; when you walked up the stairs you heard voices that you’d swear were just in your head.

When we were done it was done raining, so we walked a good portion of the wall and surrounding areas.

I know there are a ridiculous number of pictures here, but I swear every time I turned around I saw another beautiful scene. These don’t do it justice, but here are a few more pictures from walked around town in the afternoon:

After separating and bringing our bags to our hotels, Nat and I went to a dinner.  This is unrelated to the beautiful town, but I ordered something they said was salmon crepes.  Their English translation used the word “crepe”; I envisioned flaky salmon and creamy sauce in a delicious crepe.  What arrived was a wrap – cold, raw salmon, lettuce, sour cream dressing, in a green wrap.  Not a crepe.  But I digress.

We had reservations to do the evening Knight Watch tour, a walking historical tour of the city.  It was interesting, but I won’t repeat the history I learned because I’d probably get it wrong anyway.

After the tour we went to Hell – a bar called Zur Holl (supposed to be 2 dots above the o) that translates to “To Hell”.  Although not in our pictures, we later were joined by a fun and friendly couple from Fargo that we met on the tour.

The weather was much nicer on Sunday, so we went to some of the places we’d been on the tour so we could see them by day and explore them without a crowd.  The day was truly amazing – gorgeous grounds, flowers and architecture, and there was even a violinist playing to make the day perfect.  I’m lumping all the remaining pictures together:

Overall, it was a fantastic weekend in a lovely town with great company.  I’ll leave you with this video of our scenic and yet quirky weekend:

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